January 12, 2023 – Member meeting: Current State of SIEM Securonix | (ISC)2 East Bay Chapter Elections

Registration required: January 8, 2023, 7:00pm – 9:00pm Pacific Time

7:00 – 8:00 PM Session One: Securonix SIEM

Topic Description: The Current State of SIEM

  • Findings from Securonix annual 2022 Threat Report
  • Most Common Indicators of Insider Sabotage
  • What are Autonomous Threats
  • How we identify emerging threats
  • How we remove false positives

Past Platinum Sponsor, Securonix, stands out for two recent publications, the 2022 Threat Report, and the Autonomous Threat Sweeper. In a recent communication, they remind us:

Common indicators of Insider Sabotage include:

  • 84% say the cause of their actions was motivated by revenge, and 12% did it for personal advancement.
  • 90% tried to obfuscate their actions.
  • 80% of the cases involved people who had rule or policy violations or interpersonal conflicts before their attacks.
  • The majority of attacks occurred outside of normal working hours and used remote access.

At ISC2 East Bay, these insider threat profiles interest us very much, so we reached out to ask Securonix to provide us with tips to help us reduce false positives.

The Securonix 2022 Threat Report presents trends and data about insider threats as they evolve with employee stressors, disengagement, and potential attrition that pose serious risks to organizations. Find helpful detection information for cloud infrastructure misuse, ransomware and IoT/OT threats.

Securonix Autonomous Threat Sweeper is an add-on product that compliments your Next-Gen SIEM by sweeping through historical data for signs of compromise. ATS minimizes your risk against new and emerging threats by providing air cover for security operations teams with automated cyber rapid response.
In 2022 ATS identified an average of 114 emerging threats per month, and identified, reported, and created over 800 incidents for customers.

Speaker: Brian Albrecht, CISSP, and M.IT is a Global Sales Engineering Leader at Securonix. He manages the customer journey from Presales through deployment, focused on the customers’ experience and their success. A skilled coach and trainer, he continuously pursues opportunities to enhance operational excellence, best practices, and process improvement. Brian has deep technical background and experience, delivering value-based solutions and revenue growth.

Securonix is redefining threat detection and response for today’s hybrid cloud, data-driven enterprise. Securonix Next-Gen SIEM and XDR are powered by the most advanced analytics and built on a scalable, flexible cloud-native architecture. Securonix leverages behavioral analytics technology that pioneered the UEBA category to reduce noise, prioritize high-fidelity alerts, and enable fast and precise responses to insider and cyber threats.

Securonix: Security Analytics at Cloud Scale | Securonix: Overview | LinkedIn

8:00 – 9:00 PM Board Elections

Brief Recap of the past year, Robin Basham

8:30 PM Open Elections – The voting link is distributed to members in attendance

Summary of roles and chapter endorsed members for the 2023-2026 board

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