November 10, 2022 – Member meeting: Putting People Back in the Center of Cybersecurity | Protecting Critical Assets and Infrastructure

Registration required: November 10, 2022, 7:00pm – 9:00pm Pacific Time

7:00 – 7:45 PM Session One: Putting People Back in the Center of Cybersecurity – Brian Barnier, and Prachee Kale, Think.Design.Cyber and CyberTheory Institute

People face dangers. Cyber pros are suffering from stress, burnout & “hamster wheel” syndrome.
There’s a better way. Cyber pros can achieve better work-life balance, more rewarding careers & missions – by making cyber as reliable as electricity.

How? Like other business functions do – with curiosity, critical thinking, system thinking & industrial-strength design thinking. The same way innovation creates products that daily delight us. The way music brings us joy. The way military battles are won.
It takes learning to think counter-intuitively & change.

Innovators have education, method & coaching at the individual, team & organizational levels.
Compared to other business functions, cyber pros are setup to fail. Their support system is missing!
The good news is, it’s readily fixable! That starts with putting people back in the center of cyber – empowering cyber pros, accelerating authentic Zero Trust & making cyber as reliable as electricity.
Join us to map-out your action plan.

For more ideas and conversation, join Brian Barnier on LinkedIn

Brian Barnier is the co-founder of Think.Design.Cyber and the think-tank, CyberTheory Institute that bridges the gap between boards, business leaders, cybersecurity leaders and compliance.
Brian has pioneered critical, systems and industrial design thinking in the cybersecurity discipline and the use of life-like scenario analysis to address critical issues of evolving threats/attacks, eliminate bad methods that cause breaches, waste money and resources and burnout cyber pros, affecting culture and retention.
He is the author of The Operational Risk Handbook (Harriman House, Great Britain, 2011) used as a textbook by the London Institute of Banking & Finance. In 2020, Brian’s paper with expert Prachee Kale, “Cybersecurity: The Endgame — Part 1” was honored as the 2020 Article of the Year in the Taylor and Francis EDPACs journal.
Brian has earned coveted achievement awards from two of ISACA’s most significant chapters. In 2021, he earned the highly distinguished Joseph J. Wasserman Award presented by ISACA New York Metro Chapter. In 2015, he received the V. Lee Conyers Award from ISACA Greater Washington DC.
Deep in professional guidance, he is a co-author of ISACA’s Risk IT and COBIT, and the Shared Assessments Program. ISACA’s IT Audit Framework 2020 points to his work in risk assessment. He is one of the first three “Fellows” of OCEG — the Open Compliance & Ethics Group – the organization that created “Governance, Risk and Compliance.” Connect with Brian on LinkedIn.
Prachee Kale is the co-founder of Think.Design.Cyber, a Founding Executive Fellow of CyberTheory Institute and a multi-disciplinary professional with a 17 year, “4D” career spanning: Cybersecurity & Tech, Business Strategy, Diversity & Inclusion and Executive Coaching.
Prachee’s current work is focused on 1) coaching introverted cyber professionals (who account for 60%+ of cyber workforce) to build their brand and become strong leaders without changing their personalities and, 2) bringing critical, systems and design thinking to cybersecurity organizations so they can accelerate Zero Trust implementation, drive demonstrable business outcomes and cost savings, improve culture and reduce burnout.
Her article “Cybersecurity: The End Game Part 1” in the Taylor and Francis EDPACs journal was honored as “2020 Article of the Year.”
In cybersecurity, she has managed strategic investments of over $150 million, reduced spend by 20+%, eliminated antagonistic culture and demonstrated 90% retention rate for more than 3 years Prachee’s business strategy experience comes from working on business and ops/tech transformations, enterprise risk and regulatory mandates, in management consulting and the World Bank.
As a leader in the DEI dept., she is accelerating diversity and ESG initiatives. Prachee is the Executive Sponsor for the Women Leaders program focused on increasing representation of women of all backgrounds.
She earned an M.S. in Bioinformatics from George Washington University, which is about building tech for biological research. She wrote code, conducted scientific experiments on HIV viruses, and did PCR tests (yep, those). Think invasive viruses, the pandemic and cybersecurity! Connect with Prachee on LinkedIn.

7:50 PM Session Two: Protecting Critical Assets and Infrastructure – A Pragmatic Approach – Kelly Rein, Claro Enterprise Solutions

There is a lot of noise around new InfoSec technologies and, along with ongoing resource challenges, it can be difficult to navigate the best options. This presentation aims to discuss these challenges and provide insights into effective tools, services, and best practices.

Kelly Rein is the Director of Cybersecurity Products at Claro Enterprise Solutions. Driven by data, research, and customer feedback, his goal is to create feature-rich products and services that exceed market expectations. Kelly also worked as a product leader in Industrial Cybersecurity Product Management at Honeywell International where he developed award-winning cybersecurity solutions for global critical infrastructure customers in multiple verticals.
Kelly holds degrees in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance (MS), Business Management (MBA), and Philosophy (BA). Kelly has also completed on-site training with the US Department of Homeland Security at Idaho National Labs where he received certifications in Industrial Control Systems Cybersecurity (301) and Industrial Control System Cybersecurity Analysis and Evaluation (401). Connect with Kelly on LinkedIn.

About Claro Enterprise Solutions

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By integrating a security-centric model in our network connectivity, communication, collaboration, cloud, IoT, and managed services, we establish an essential and secure operational foundation for midsize and large organizations doing business in the United States and throughout the Americas.

Claro Enterprise Solutions, an América Móvil subsidiary, is a leading source provider of Network Connectivity and Communication, Cloud, IoT, and IT Managed Services delivering scalable solutions with layers of security, global expertise, and dependable customer support. By empowering a people-first culture, our diverse teams closely collaborate with clients, enabling businesses to thrive with our integrated secure-by-design and expertly curated portfolio of technology solutions customized and designed to help optimize business operations.

8:50 PM – Chapter Announcements

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