February 11th, 2021 Member Meeting How to Achieve Least Privilege at Cloud Scale

Title: How to Achieve Least Privilege at Cloud Scale

As enterprises continue their migration to the cloud, they are faced with the monumental challenge of securing their hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures.
Understanding the TTPs is key to determining where to look among the plethora of services available through Cloud Service Providers such as AWS and Azure. In this session, we’ll enumerate sources of forensic evidentiary data among the vastness of AWS Cloudtrail, GuardDuty, Microsoft Graph, and more. A very clearly defined methodology will be provided as a baseline for combing through this data in a precise and expedited way. Examples from real-world breaches will be highlighted providing practical approaches to exposing the attacker’s methods and compromise.

Parag Bajaria: Head of Product at CloudKnox Security
Maya Neelakandhan: Head of Customer Success at CloudKnox Security
Bio: Parag Bajaria is the Head of Product at CloudKnox Security. His background includes 25+ years of hands-on technical knowledge in developing products for large-scale enterprises. He is an experienced product management professional in cloud infrastructure and data security, DevOps, monitoring, and networking software; and has led products from concept to launch using lean startup and agile methodologies. Prior to CloudKnox, Parag was responsible for launching security products at a variety of companies.
Maya Neelakandhan is the Head of Customer Success and Support at CloudKnox Security. As one of the founding engineers at CloudKnox, she was involved in building the patented CloudKnox activity-based authorization platform which helps enterprises manage entitlements in VMware vSphere, AWS, Azure and GCP cloud infrastructure. Her background includes 20+ years of hands-on technical expertise in Enterprise and Cloud deployments, Identity and Access Management, SSO, Identity Federation. Prior to CloudKnox, Maya was part of the engineering team at Oracle in the Identity Cloud services team, Oblix and multiple other startups. Maya holds an engineering degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai (India).
Hybrid Cloud Security, Multi Cloud Security, Private Cloud Security, Public Cloud Security, Identity and Access Management, Insider Threat Prevention, Identity Privilege Management, Privileged Access Management, Infrastructure Authorization Administration, Activity Based Access Controls, and Access Management

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CloudKnox delivers a single platform for managing the entire identity privilege lifecycle across hybrid cloud utilizing a revolutionary Activity-based Authorization model. This groundbreaking approach offers a non-intrusive way to manage identity privileges and protect organizations’​ critical infrastructure from malicious and accidental credential abuse.