September 8, 2022 – Member meeting: Reblaze WAAP Solution – YouAttest IAM Governance

Registration required: Thursday, September 8, 2022 7:00pm – 9:00pm Pacific Time

7:00 PM Chapter Announcements

New Opportunities for (ISC)² East Bay Chapter cybersecurity training and an overview of the (ISC)² One Million Certified in Cybersecurity program, with Jack K. Rasmus-Vorrath, Director Education.

7:15 PM -Topic One: Securing your Digital Assets – Reblaze

Bob DeLong leads Reblaze Sales in North America; Bob is a veteran Sales Director with more than 15 years of experience; before joining Reblaze, Bob spent the last five years in the area of QoE analytics and before that at EdgeCast CDN and Ericsson. After graduating from Bentley University in Boston, Bob moved to Los Angeles, where he spent the last ten years and recently relocated to Miami. Bob is a huge sports fan. In his spare time enjoys traveling, golfing, and spending as much time as possible with his 9yr old French Bulldog named Bruin (after the Boston Bruins of course).

Dima Nazarenko leads Reblaze’s Solution Engineering group in North America; a self-motivated individual with more than ten years of hands-on experience in managing and scaling Sales Engineering, Solutions Architects and sales teams, as well as proven success progressing to positions of greater responsibility in global sales and solutions engineering for large, medium, and small international startup to Fortune 15 companies.

Bob and Dima will be discussing:

  • Threats on Websites, Web Apps, and APIs
  • Threat Landscape and Threat trends
  • Web Security Mitigation and Remediation
  • WAAP solution overview
  • Critical WAAP differentiations

About Reblaze

Reblaze makes it effortless and affordable to secure and accelerate your web assets. Organizations from many vertical markets around the globe are benefiting from Reblaze’s highly scalable WAF/IDS, DDoS, anti-scraping, and Bot mitigation service. With R&D in Israel and offices in the US, Reblaze operates a global network managed by a 24×7 response team which helps organizations detect and defeat even the most damaging of web-based attacks.

Services include:

  • DDoS mitigation and protection
  • Web Application Firewall/IDS
  • Anti-scraping
  • Bot threat protection
  • Full visibility and control of your website traffic
  • CDN
Reblaze Cloud Security

Reblaze provides cloud-based web security and protects against sophisticated attacks, exploits, and other malicious activity targeted at your website. Reblaze incorporates the best intrusion detection mechanisms in a single, unified and integrated platform, which automatically protects your website from the moment it is connected to the service. Please visit to learn more.

8:05 PM – Topic Two: The Mandate for a Secure Enterprise – YouAttest

Garret Grajek, CEH, CISSP, Chief Executive Officer at YouAttest is a certified security engineer with almost 30 years of experience in information security Garret is recognized in the industry as a security visionary in identity, access, and authentication matters. He holds 8 patents involving x.509, mobile, SSO, federation, and multi-factor technologies. He has worked on security projects for major commercial accounts including Dish Networks, Office Depot, TicketMaster, Oppenheimer, E*Trade,, and public sector accounts such as GSA, U.S. Navy, EPA and USUHS.

Garret started his career as a security programmer at the likes of Texas Instruments, IBM, and Tandem Computers. He went on to distinguishing field security work for RSA, Netegrity, and Cisco before being a founder and creator of SecureAuth IdP, a 2-Factor/SSO offering. Connect with Garret Grajek, CEH, CISSP | LinkedIn
Ashley Madison is YouAttest Customer Success Director. Connect with Ashley Madison | LinkedIn

Garret Grajek and Ashley Madison present and discuss

  • Problems with Identity for a Secure Enterprise
  • How it’s Mandated by Compliance Measures
  • Real World:  Problems with Orphan Accounts
  • Case Studies
  • YouAttest Overview and Demo

About YouAttest

YouAttest is a cloud-based access review engine built from the ground up to provide simple governance and SOX audit capabilities for Okta, Azure AD, and JumpCloud deployments.
Please visit to learn more.

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