December 10, 2020 – Member meeting: the gift of experience

The Gift of Experience

The (ISC)2 East Bay Board has some new and familiar faces, each with real-life experiences that we’d like to share.

So wonderful to see you. Thanks for attending. Here’s the slide deck.

During the most demanding and tragic of years, we’ve decided to share an experience regarding a Cybersecurity topic of interest, and a call to action. In the spirit of giving each Board member will take a turn sharing 10 to 15 minutes about a topic that in some way made this last year better.

7:00 PM (ISC)2 East Bay Chapter President Robin Basham

Sponsorship & Speakers, The Year In Review

  • Financial Data in the Cloud, Donald E. Hester  (January 9th)
  • Cyber-laundering, Faranak Firozan (February 13th)
  • WINTER CONFERENCE – Cancelled by Covid-19
  • IT Assurance Across System Boundaries, David Trepp (May 14th)
  • Data-Centric Security in an entirely Remote World, Daniel H. Gallancy, CEO, Atakama  (June 11th) Seminar Playback
  • The Road to Zero-Trust: Past, Present, and Future, Abhishek Singh, CEO, Araali Networks (July 9th)
  • Life Sciences & Health Care, Medical Device Manufacturing and Cybersecurity, A Strategy, Robin Basham, CEO EnterpriseGRC Solutions, (August 13th) LSHC Webinar Replay
  •  “Get Hired” Cyber Security event, @CodeRedPartners, Tom Alcock, Bruce Pendrey (September 10th)
  • Vulnerability Prioritization: Are You Getting It Right? John Timberlake, Dima Gorbonos, Senior Sales Engineer at WhiteSource (October 8th) Webinar Playback
  • Data-Driven Decision Making in Cyber Security, Dr. Marty Trevino, Joan Ross, Chief Intelligence Officer (November 12th)
  • The Gift of Experience: Lessons Learned and The Road Ahead, (ISC)2 East Bay Board of Directors Sharing Insights and Ideas (December 10th)

7:15 PM to 9:00 PM Lightening Rounds with the (ISC)2 East Bay Board of Directors.

Each topic follows the format of Something that mattered in the past year, why it’s important, what impact it has on the field of Cybersecurity and why it should matter to members in our chapter.

7:15 PM Director Programs Denise Bonds

Denise Bonds Topic: Maturing The SOC

Detect Patterns | Improve Security Coverage | Enhance Response

7:30 PM Director of Education & Career Development Maura Jones

Maura Jones Topic: Quantum Computing

7:45 PM Director Marketing & Communication Krishnan Thiruvengadam

Krishnan Thiruvengadam Topic: Securing IOT is a big challenge

8:00 PM Vice President  Istvan Berko

Istvan Berko Topic: Maturing Cloud controls using validation and deception 

8:15 PM Director Membership  Kerry Bryan

Kerry Bryan Topic: Data Owners v. Data Stewards

8:30 PM Chapter Secretary Carmen Parrish

Carmen Parrish Topic: Business Resiliency

8:45 PM Treasurer and Finance Director Gary Dylina

Gary Dylina Topic: Mentorship

President Robin Basham
Vice President  Istvan Berko
Treasurer and Finance Director Gary Dylina
Chapter Secretary Carmen Parrish
Director Membership  Kerry Bryan
Director Programs Denise Bonds
Directors Operations Dan Green, Rizwan Ashraf
Director Technical Steven Lai
Director Marketing & Communication Krishnan Thiruvengadam
Director Cybersecurity Awareness Maura Jones
Director of Education & Career Development Maura Jones
Conference Director Robin Basham

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