2020 July 10th Physical Security Digital World Training Day

July 10th, 2020 – Doors open at 8:00 AM\

Member Meeting and Networking 5:00 PM Sitemap 



………..one-day security event includes 7 speakers and several guided product demonstrations offering 8 CPE for full attendance. Learn more at https://isc2-eastbay-chapter.org, LinkedIn, Facebook

8 hours of Continuing Professional Education upon Lab completion and returning your survey. Please download the most recent flyer xxx or save the date xxxx

Physical Security in a Digital World

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Our call for speakers has issued. If you want to speak, here are resources to help you to develop your topic.

  • Doorbells
  • https://threatpost.com/ring-sharing-user-data-facebook-data-miners/152300/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=linkedin
  • Facebook Shows you how they stalk you 
  • Mitre Att&ck Framework
  • NIST Revision 5 and NIST
  • UCF The New Physical World, Mapping and Measure
  • SD Elements
  • CyberArk1


(ISC)2 is happy to accept member ID from its partner professional organizations: ISACA, ISSA, ISC2


Members – $55
Non-Members – $75
Member Sponsors (Paying it forward) $100
Students – $35
Enthusiasts and Explorers (a.k.a between roles) $35, or first come first serve free pass
Past Presenters – Your thank you certificate entitles you for one free admission
Platinum, Gold, Silver, Sponsors -communicate your guestlist no later than March 10th

Session 1.1: 9:00 – 10:00 Meet
1-1: Session Description:


Session 1.2: 10:00-11:00 Meet
1-2: Session Description
Session 1:3 11:00-11:50 Meet Joan Ross


1-3: Session Description:About
1:4 1:00-2:00 Meet – OPEN


1-4 Session Description:
Session 1:5 2:00-3:00 Meet


1-5 Session Description:
Session 1-6 3:30-4:30
1- 6 Session Description: 
Survey Monkey Distribution
Session 1-7 4:30-5:15 Meet


1-7 Session Description:


5:15 Member Meeting & Announcements
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Scholarship Sponsors
How to become a member: Please directly contact our Chapter President Robin Basham and fill out the membership form https://isc2-eastbay-chapter.org/membership/
CyberArk contributed a speaker and is a multi-year Silver Sponsor. Netskope, Silver Sponsor, live demonstration, mapping the path of business, the evolution of cloud securitynetskope

Saba Software is saving our Chapter more than 5K annually and makes it possible to go for another year without charging dues, dropping the price of our conferences by 50%

Thank You Chevron Thank You Oracle
(This 1-day event counts towards 8 hours of Continuing Professional Education CPE)
Your friends and colleagues at (ISC)2 East Bay Chapter chapter can’t wait to see you. We hope you join us in giving special thanks to the conference committee volunteers, without whom, such events would not be possible. Providing weekly meetings, binding flyers, drafting letters, being a liaison to our gracious speakers, updating and proofing our presentations, and assisting in the overall quality management of each Conference, we acknowledge Dan Green, Ed Glover, Maura Jones, Rizwan Ashraf, Peter Chen, as well as all members of the Board of Directors for their added responsibilities in coordinating our conference business, and for all the wisdom provided by the full membership of our chapter.
Your support is greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Robin Basham, Conference Director, and Chapter President.

The (ISC)2 East Bay Chapter Board of Directors

We’d like to especially thank Jason Hoffman and Rizwan Ashraf for arranging our sponsorship at Saba Software