January 11, 2024 – Member meeting: Proxy Based Traffic Inspection, Greg Maples | Annual Board Elections | Scholarship and Partner Announcement with Las Positas College

Registration required: January 11, 2024, 7:00pm – 9:00pm Pacific Time

7:00 – 8:00 PM Session One: “To Know, or Not to Know; Proxy Based Traffic Inspection,” Greg Maples

Greg Maples (CISSP) has been a Principal Security Architect for a number of years, and has been involved in computer networking since his work on the original ARPANet project that became the Internet. 

He has specialized in security protocols and web/DDOS issues for many years and has more recently been focusing on threat detection in a zero-trust world.

Connect with Greg on LinkedIn

8:00 – 8:30 PM Board Elections

Voting opens at 7:00 PM January 11th, 2024, and closes at 8:30 PM January 11th. Only members who are present at the annual meeting, who are in good standing and who have attended at least one event in the last two years, are eligible to vote. The voting link is distributed to members in attendance.

Career Development and a newly combined Outreach & Sponsorship have added roles in 2024

  • Conference Director (Chair): Robin Basham 2023-2026
  • Conference Committee Donald Hester, Nalin Narayanam, Derrick Bast, Tim Prendergast, Jing Zhang-Lee – as the host of March 8th at Zeiss, Andrew Chang
  • Conference volunteers are ad hoc. We will call for volunteers as they are needed

Our new nominees are Jeremy Hein, Robert Cunningham, and Daniel Cheng. Daniel has already been our acting membership director and has been nominated by this board to assume that role.

8:30 – 9:00 PM Scholarship and Partner Announcement with Las Positas College

Meet Bethany McCormick, Employer Engagement Specialist, from Las Positas College. Peter Chen, Daniel Cheng, Robin Basham, Erica Cunningham, and Cory Brown, had a great day meeting with Jeffrey Weichert, and touring the Las Positas conference areas and computer labs. We are excited to be planning three campus events for the coming year. We will also bring Bethany, Jeff, and students of Los Positas who are seeking internships to the March 8th conference. We hope you’ll participate in the Meet and Mentor and Intern event.

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